Privacy Policy for Simple Image

Privacy Policy for the Simple Image custom visualization

The Simple Image custom visualization for Power BI does not collect personally identifiable information about you.

It may be used to display images exclusively for the Microsoft Power BI software. Any future version of this visual will also maintain this same behaviour. The Simple Image custom visualization cannot control what data you choose to represent in Power BI nor how you choose to distribute in print or digital form.

As an optional add-on to the Power BI software by Microsoft, the Simple Image visual may be redistributed as part of a third-party solution. Personal or commercial use as well as the use in any third-party solution is outside of our control (“our” refers to Vincent Faigt and any other developer working on the Simple Image custom visualization).

You should read the privacy and terms of service of any third-party service or solution before using it.

Please contact us if you have any question about this policy.